About Us

Associated Balance & Hearing Clinic, LLC began in Boscobel, WI in 1993. The clinic has experienced some wonderful growth throughout Southwest Wisconsin with a primary location in Boscobel and satellite clinics in Richland Center and Platteville.

A variety of balance, dizziness, and vertigo disorders are diagnosed and treated with our state-of-the-art Vestibular Center. Hearing disorders are diagnosed and treated with the most extraordinary technology available.

We take a caring and patient-centered approach, where we not only test objectively through diagnostics but also seek a subjective understanding of our patients’ lifestyles. We talk to patients about their daily activities, learn what their expectations and goals are, then determine the best option for them based on their insurance benefits, personal budget, and specific needs.

By offering a patient-centered approach, we strive for the utmost level of patient satisfaction. It is our goal to ensure that each and every individual patient is a Patient for Life. Associated Balance & Hearing Clinic exclusively provides its patients with the most caring and experienced professionals, extraordinary technology, excellent service, and exceptional value.

We are a Medicare provider, accept Medicaid/Badgercare, Quartz, Dean, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Health EOS, Iron Workers, Operating Engineers, WEA, WI Carpenters Health, WPS, and most other insurance plans.

For insurance questions, please contact our insurance department.

Associated Balance & Hearing Clinic, LLC has become a hallmark for patient care excellence in the area.

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