Hearing Instrument Specialist

Jens-Peter Transo
Jens-Peter Transo, H.I.S., Hearing Instrument Specialist

Jens-Peter Transo H.I.S. is our specialist in the field of hearing instrument sciences. He attended the University of Wisconsin – Platteville studying in both music and computer sciences. In 2001 Jens-Peter joined us for a two year apprenticeship under our in-house Audiologist Poul-Erik Transo. Throughout that period of training, he also received a correspondence education from Starkey Laboratories in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. In 2003 Jens-Peter received his Hearing Instrument Specialist license from the Wisconsin Hearing and Speech examination board. Over the past 10 years of dispensing, he has accumulated nearly 20 hours annually in continuing education from some of the most technologically advanced companies in the industry.

Jens-Peter uses his professional integrity, invaluable experience, and his knowledge of the latest in hearing instrument technology to provide communication solutions to the hard of hearing in and around southwest Wisconsin.