Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Sales & Service
We offer a wide selection of Digital and programmable hearing aids from established hearing aid manufacturers. We find pride in always providing the latest and most up-to-date products that are manufactured and designed to offer the best in quality, reliability and performance.

Hearing Aid Evaluations
Examination for the purpose of being fitted with hearing aids involves obtaining a medical history, examination of the ears, ear canals, middle ears and overall hearing performance in a variety of listening conditions. If a hearing loss is diagnosed to be correctable through the use of hearing aids, we will discuss styles, technology levels and individual needs.

Hearing Aid Orientations
Hearing aid fitting involves the proper selection, fitting and orientation in how to operate, maintain as well as hear with the hearing aids. For new hearing aid users, children and many elderly, this is the portion of the process that most often needs to be repeated on an ongoing basis to obtain the most benefit.

Real Ear Verification
Real Ear Verification is a term used for measuring the performance of the hearing aid while in the ear. A sensitive probe is placed in the ear canal to measure what the hearing aid is producing at the level of the eardrum. A variety of sounds that are encountered on a daily basis are presented through a loudspeaker and viewed on a screen while the hearing aids are adjusted to ensure the sounds can be heard.

Hearing Aid Checks
Hearing aids need regular cleaning for optimal benefit. This usually needs to be done on a 3-6 month basis. In addition to servicing the devices we also perform a visual inspection of the ear canals to view and remove any excessive wax that could potentially cause problems.

Hearing Aid Repairs
All new hearing aids dispensed by ABHC come with a minimum 1 year repair warranty from the manufacturer. Higher technology level hearing aids usually come with a 2-4 year warranty. Loss & Accidental Damage protection (a deductible usually applies) is minimally provided for the first year.

Hearing Aid Warranty Service
ABHC can often perform servicing and repairs in-house to devices from a variety of manufacturers even those we may not regularly dispense. Factory servicing can usually be accomplished within 7-10 days.

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